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dB Sound Studios is the premier media production center for the Bay Area. We provide professional music recording, mixing, online mastering, voice-over and live sound solutions for a diverse client base thoughout Gilroy, Morgan Hill, San Jose, San Francisco and beyond. We also provide professional voice-over, live sound and visual media services for music industry and corporate clients.

All that to say: if it involves media that can be seen or heard, we got you covered. Feel free to email us at [email protected], or call at 408-612-6388. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have, or schedule a free, no-obligation meeting to discuss your project.

Studio Drums
Professional studio recordings are essential for any artist who wants to make an impact with their music and establish themselves as legitimate players in the music scene.

dB Sound Studios is located in Morgan Hill, and offers professional studio recordings for artists and musicians of all levels, as well as voice-over services. Whether you are a band that needs their recording to be radio-ready, or if you are a business that needs professional voice-over services, our recording studio provides incredible sound quality at competitive prices.​

Want to get a music video onto YouTube? Need an easier way to share the music you’ve created? Video is the most powerful way to gain exposure and new fans in today’s online music industry. If you’re ready to take the step to video, scheduling a live video session at dB Sound Studios is the best way to get started! We offer full-HD live video recording sessions that will make your music look as good as the included mixing and mastering will make it sound.

In addition to our Artist Series video recordings, dB Sound Studios offers live concert recording services that can be bundled with our live sound packages.

Booking an event or concert in Gilroy, Morgan Hill, San Jose or San Francisco area, and need to rent live sound? Need the best gear and most professional sound technicians? We have you covered.

As industry professionals we know just how important sound is; for the audience it is a crucial part of enjoying a show or event, and for the performers it is equally important. Sound can make or break a performance, or even a whole event. We understand how important it is to have the right sound, which is why we bring the highest quality production to every event, every night, at a competitive price.

Online Mastering
Want to record your own project, but can’t quite seem to get your mix to sound as loud and polished as professional CDs? Online mastering is an affordable way to make the music you record sound clean and powerful. Check out the mastering page for samples of mastered projects, and find out how mastering can make your music stand out from the crowd.
Need voice-over for film, commercials or your on-hold system? Hire voice actors from our roster of professionals or get a quote on your project, all online! The voice-over department of dB Sound Studios handles all aspects of voice-over, and can supply what you need all from our website.
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